Professor Ikeuchi assists Ajinomoto in launching a new screening service aimed at reducing dementia risk

BRI Professor Takeshi Ikeuchi (Dept of Molecular Genetics) attended a press briefing on the AminoIndex Risk Screening (AIRS) service. The AIRS technology developed by Ajinomoto Co., Inc. can assess the risk of three major diseases from a single blood sample. A screening service for early detection of cognitive decline has been newly added to the AIRS.

Professor Ikeuchi is a lead principal investigator of the MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) cohort study conducted by Niigata University and Ajinomoto in collaboration with 13 universities and medical institutions across Japan. He helped Ajinomoto develop a new service for analyzing amino acid concentrations in blood that can assess cognitive decline.

At the press briefing, Ajinomoto President & CEO Takaaki Nishii said that they planned to grow the service to a \10 billion personalization business aimed at improving amino acid balance relating to cognitive function.

An article on the press briefing appeared in the Japan Food Journal (October 30, 2020).

■Read the online article in the Japan Food Journal.

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