202308_Advanced Treatment of Neurological Diseases Branch


Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof.

Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof.

Research Focus

Our department was newly established at the Brain Research Institute in 2023. The NSG Group offered a donation to establish an endowed research department with several clinical faculty members at the Brain Research Institute, and an agreement was concluded on 29 March 2023 for the establishment of this department, which was determined to be for a period of three years from 1 April of the same year. Tomohiko Ishihara and Manabu Natsumeda are specially appointed associate professors from the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery of the Brain Research Institute, respectively.
While our specific activities are yet to begin, we plan to develop ongoing research and explore new avenues of inquiry. Our department's establishment aligns with one of Niigata University's Future Vision 2030 missions, which is "to be a front-runner in life innovation." Likewise, the NSG Group's corporate motto is "to contribute to the development of local, national, and international society through business creation." In order to achieve these goals, we will build upon the activities of the Brain Research Institute and implement them in practical terms.