Our goal is to understand brain functions and its pathology as well as overcoming brain diseases.
We welcome master's and doctoral students who will lead the next generation of brain research.

The brain has complex functions in order to remember, think, feel, and act. Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, strokes, tumors, mental disorders - there are countless brain diseases and disorders for which there is no essential cure. Exploring the complex and mysterious functions of the brain and overcoming its diseases requires research with an interdisciplinary approach.

BRI brings together researchers and students from different departments, including medicine, science, engineering, pharmacy, agriculture, veterinary medicine, and humanities, to carry out research. There are opportunities to tackle brain research from a variety of perspectives.
We are welcoming you regardless of the background!

We provide opportunities to gain knowledge on the brain and diseases, from basic to clinical, and to access to its research. Each BRI lab has different research interests, from humans to animal models (monkeys, rodents, fish, flies and so forth), cells, molecules, modelling, imaging, informatics, artificial intelligence, technology development, to understand the brain and overcome brain diseases. Each lab offers an environment to focus on research for beginners.

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In the laboratory, research is carried out day and night to get a glimpse of the mysteries of the brain, to solve its mysteries and to overcome brain diseases. Cutting-edge knowledge and technology allow us to search for the truth that anyone yet to know and to engage in research that will astonish the world. The findings will bring a breakthrough in new mechanisms of the brain and treatments for diseases. Our research can contribute to local community and to the world through scientific findings and medical application.

The institute provides an environment in which such topics can be examined closely. The lab and BRI will support you throughout. Under the guidance of our top class research faculty, you will be able to pursue your research interests and strive to achieve your goals.

BRI ties up with Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences to give financial supports to graduate students by offering teaching and research assistantships, helping research presentation and paper submission, and granting tuition waiver, so that students can focus on their research. The institute's regular research meetings allow students to gain intellectual inputs for personal development. There are frequent occasions to connect with distinguished scientists across the world and Japan to create a network. We also encourage students to participate in international conferences and exchanges with overseas partnership institutes to broaden their global views and have careers abroad. We support students after graduation to move to new career stages, such as finding positions in Japan or abroad, or at private sector, public sector, or medical field.

Please do jump into neuroscience research here.
We look forward to working with you.