Assoc. Prof.

Assist. Prof.
Kensaku KASUGA

Specially Appointed Assist. Prof.
Norikazu HARA

Research Focus

Recent research and development of dementia has drastically changed. Therapeutic approach to dementia has shifted from symptomatic drugs to disease-modifying drug. More attention has been paid in dementia to pathophysiological diagnosis based on biomarker rather than symptom-based diagnosis. Prospering in research by virtue of paradigm shift, we have pioneered research that will bring revolution in clinical practice of dementia. Our mission has two elements; one is biomarker development, and the other is genome research of dementia. We attempt to see through pathological changes occurring in the brain affected with dementia using blood and cerebrospinal fluid samples from preclinical phase to symptomatic phase. We have established large sample collection of genomic DNA for dementia disorders. Whole genome/exosome analyses have been applied in the genome analysis of dementia to explore novel genetic factors in Japan. We have provided a clinical sequence examination for physicians across Japan for genetic diagnosis of dementia. By this effort, we will contribute to the realization of genome medicine of dementia in Japan. Even though the environmental surrounding of dementia research has been drastically moving, we keep pioneering the dementia research without forgetting our mission that we will deliver a bright future to patients with dementia.