Media Coverage: Assoc Professor Sugie's Drosophila research on rare diseases - Nikkei Business Daily

Assoc. Prof. Atsushi Sugie

An article in the Nikkei Business Daily features neurogenetic research using flies, including research by BRI Associate Professor Atsushi Sugie (Department of Neuroscience of Diseases) on rare and undiagnosed diseases.

While the US and Canada lead the way, the Japan Medical and Research Development Agency (AMED) launched the Initiative on Rare and Undiagnosed Disease (IRUD), a clinical research program for patients with a rare disease in 2015. The Nikkei article describes the short cycle and rarely duplicated genes of Drosophila that enable rapid genetic analysis can be useful in clinical study.

(November 4, 2020, Nikkei Business Daily)

To read Nikkei online article, click here. (in Japanese)

To visit Sugie Lab website, click here.