Annual World Brain Awareness Week event held at BRI

BRI hosted an event, "Let's examine the human brain and mind" for high school and university students on March 26, 2024.

The event is held annually as part of Brain Awareness Week, the global campaign aimed at promoting public enthusiasm and support for brain science. This year marked the first on-site event in five years, featuring lectures and lab tours by BRI scientists, which drew 72 participants from Niigata City and elsewhere.

The first part consisted of a couple of lectures, beginning with an address by BRI Director Prof Osamu Onodera. Prof Makoto Oishi (Dept of Neurosurgery) and Prof Hitoshi Shimada (Dept of Functional Neurology & Neurosurgery) delivered presentations, offering a deeper understanding of the world of brain research by showcasing video clips of brain surgery and PET images of amyloid-β and tau in the brain.

During the latter part, participants were divided into small groups and guided through lab tours. They engaged in more specialized and hands-on learning experiences, such as microscopic observation of brain neurons, sketching tissue lesions commonly used in college classes, and observation of embryo manipulation techniques. Despite the presence of technical jargon, participants remained eager to ask questions and absorb knowledge at every opportunity.

We aspire for this event to foster greater interest among the younger generation in science, inspiring them to further explore and expand their knowledge.

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