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Memorial service honoring Professor Tsutomu Nakada

A campus memorial service for Dr Tsutomu Nakada, professor emeritus of Niigata University and specially appointed professor of BRI, who passed away on July 1, 2018, was held on Tuesday July 17 in Seminar Hall, Center for Integrated Human Brain Science, Brain Research Institute.

A room filled with about 110 attendees gathered to remember precious memories of Prof Nakada. BRI director Dr Hiroyuki Nawa introduced the life and career of the late Prof Nakada, memorial addresses then delivered by Dr Hitoshi Takahashi, vice president and executive director for research, Dr Hironaka Igarashi, director of the Center for Integrated Human Brain Science, and Dr Yukihiko Fujii, professor of Neurosurgery. Subsequent to laying flowers by all participants, Dr Sugata Takahashi, president of Niigata University, made a speech to pay memorial tribute to Prof Nakada.

Seminar Hall will be renamed in honor of Prof Nakada, the founding director of the Center for Integrated Human Brain Science.

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