Job Opening: Assistant Professor - NU 'Swing-by' program for fostering young faculty

Niigata University has established a unique 'Swing-by' program for fostering young Faculty Members, since 2020. This program provides generous support to newly appointed young Faculty Members who are active in various research fields not only in Japan but also globally. Through this program we hope to enhance the research activities of Niigata University to a higher level and leap forward to a bright future.

In this program, we will recruit young faculty across all disciplines in a single recruitment drive. They will be provided a conducive research environment, which helps them to carry out top level research in their field of specialization, as well as encourage interdisciplinary approach. We will also mentor them with technical support and startup research funds to assist in securing grants from competitive research funding agencies and industries.

Brain Research Institute, Niigata University is seeking an assistant professor.

■Details of the position.

EMPLOYMENT STARTING DATE: 1 April 2023, or as soon as possible thereafter.

CLOSING DATE: 5:00pm (JST) on Monday 5 September 2022


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