Niigata University public lecture series for the second half of FY2017

Niigata University works as an academic institution to share its intellectual resources and benefit the community by offering public lectures. The program for the second half of FY2017 is now open for enrollment.

As a part of the program, BRI offers Friday lecture series, "the latest research for overcoming brain disease and mental illness", which seek to introduce the broader local community to the exciting research by 6 BRI professors. These talks are open to all who are interested and the language is Japanese.

    ■Brain Research Institute Lecture Series:
  • October 6, "Brain science of auditory and visional hallucinations: in relation to mental illness", Prof. Hiroyuki Nawa
  • October 13, "Mechanism of memory and brain", Prof. Osamu Onodera
  • October 20, "Research frontline on dementia", Prof. Takeshi Ikeuchi
  • October 27, "The state-of -the-art diagnosis and therapeutics on stroke", Prof. Hironaka Igarashi
  • November 10, "Healthy brain and unwell brain: investigating neurons", Prof. Akiyoshi Kakita
  • November 17, "The latest advancement of surgical treatment on brain and mind illnesses", Prof. Yukihiko Fujii


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