BRI welcomes new Specially Appointed Professor of System Pathology for Neurological Disorders

It is with great pleasure that BRI announces the appointment of Dr Kohta Yoshida as a specially appointed professor of the Laboratory for Evolutionary Brain Pathology within the Dept of System Pathology for Neurological Disorders, effective from January 1, 2024. A ceremony was held on January 5 to formally notify Dr Yoshida.

The Laboratory for Evolutionary Brain Pathology, Dept of Systems Pathology for Neurological Disorders is established to integrate evolutionary biology and genetics methodologies with brain pathology. The focus is to uncover the evolutionary roots of brain diseases, deepen our fundamental understanding of brain pathology from an evolutionary perspective, explore the physiological functions of molecules related to brain diseases, and generate impactful research outcomes. The goal is to significantly contribute to the comprehensive understanding of brain diseases and disorders.

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