BRI renews MOU with Korea Brain Research Institute

Delegates from Korea Brain Research Institute, thee members including the president, visited Brain Research Institute and the signing ceremony for renewing a Memorandum of Understanding regarding research cooperation between BRI and KBRI took place on July 27, 2019.

BRI originally signed an MOU with KBRI, a national research institute in Korea, in 2014. KBRI researchers have since come to BRI to look at the facility and Prof Akiyoshi Kakita (Dept of Pathology) attended the symposia hosted by KBRI to give invited lectures.

After the ceremony, signed by BRI director Hiroyuki Nawa and KBRI president Pann Gil Suh, Prof Nawa briefly gave an overview of the institute, followed by talks of Prof Masaki Ueno (Dept of System Pathology for Neurological Disorders) on young BRI researchers and by Prof Kakita on Niigata brain bank. Delegates attentively listened to the talks of BRI professors, asking insightful questions. BRI will continue to promote exchange and cooperation in research.


the signing ceremony


BRI-KBRI meeting


the facility visit