NHK Haiku magazine spotlights Prof Mizuho Nakata's haiku and watercolour paintings

In the December edition of NHK Haiku magazine, the captivating haiku and watercolor paintings crafted by Prof Mizuho Nakata were highlighted. Prof Nakata is known for founding Japan's inaugural Department of Neurosurgery at Niigata University and contributing significantly to the establishment and growth of BRI. Readers get to enjoy Prof Nakata's artistic creations in this edition.

While studying at Tokyo Imperial University, Prof Nakata possessed a deep understanding of haiku and nurtured a friendship with Kyoshi Takahama. Engaged within the 'Hototogisuha' haiku group alongside Seishi Yamaguchi, Prof Nakata also played an active role in the Todai Haiku Society. Following his transfer to Niigata, despite being occupied with neurosurgical research, he published a collection of haiku within the limited time available. Here are some of his best-known haiku: "Kokukoku to Shujutsu wa susumu Miyuki kana" "Gakumon no Shizukani yuki no Furu wa suki".

NHK Haiku magazine, December edition

Introduction of Prof Mizuho Nakata on the BRI Dept of Neurosurgery website