Report: The 6th Joint Conference of NIPS, PRI and BRI

The joint conference of NIPS (National Institute for Physiological Sciences, National Institutes of Natural Sciences), PRI (Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University) and BRI was held on March 9 to 10, 2017 at Brain Research Institute, Niigata University. This conference has been held annually, switching venues between NIPS and BRI every year. This year was the first joint conference that BRI hosted to welcome PRI scientists since PRI has joined the conference from last year.

There were 11 lectures and 30 poster presentations from NIPS, PRI and BRI, which attracted a total of 211 attendees in two days. This annual conference shared various research findings taken full advantage of the features and strengths of their institutes, brought together young scientists in which many critical issues were discussed in depth, and provided networking opportunities leading to prospective joint research.

We would like to thank all the attendees for their contributions to the conference. The next joint conference will be held in March 2018 at NIPS.

By Prof. Akiyoshi Kakita (Dept. of Pathology Neuroscience)

Day 1
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Day 2
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