Basic Neuroscience Branch
Department of Molecular Pathology (Visiting Professor Program)

Our research activities are generally based on morphological observation of central and peripheral nervous systems of patients suffering from various neurological diseases. Abnormal accumulation of protein in neurons and glial cells is a histological hallmark of neurodegenerative disorders. The goals of our research are to elucidate molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative movement disorders as well as of dementing disorders and to develop novel therapeutics for these intractable diseases. We are currently focusing to determine the molecular mechanism of autophagy and inclusion body formation in neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson's disease and related disorders. We are also developing animal models of multiple system atrophy.

The main topics of our current researches are as follows:

1. Mechanism of inclusion body formation in Lewy body disease and multiple system atrophy
2. Abnormal protein aggregation in dementing disorders
3. Alteration of glial cells in various pathological conditions
4. Pathological, biochemical and behavioral analysis of animal models of neurodegenerative disorders

Assoc. Prof. Fumiaki MORI

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