Center for Bioresource-based Researches/Bioresource Science Branch
Department of Animal Model Development

Our research efforts are focused on understanding of molecular mechanisms of higher brain functions such as learning and memory. Making good use of current methods in molecular biology and developmental engineering,we are now engaged in the following projects:1)functional assay of neurotransmitter receptors and related molecules with gene-targeting techniques, 2)generation and analysis of animal models for human nervous diseases, 3)establishment of germ line-competent embryonic stem cells derived from rat embryos, and 4)development of basic methods for generation of gene-modified animals using gene-editing technology.

Prof. Toshikuni SASAOKA
Assoc. Prof. Manabu ABE
Assist. Prof. Ena NAKATSUKASA
Specially Appointed Assist. Prof. Meiko KAWAMURA
Fellow Kenji SAKIMURA

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