Clinical Neuroscience Branch
Department of Neurosurgery

Department of Neurosurgery, University of Niigata was founded by Professor Mizuho Nakata, "the father of Neurosurgery in Japan", in 1953, becoming the first independent Department of Neurosurgery in Japan. Since then, the department has led the field of preclinical research and surgery for brain tumors, cerebral vascular disease, brain trauma, and functional surgery. Also, the department is unique in that it is affiliated with the Brain Research Institute, enabling collaboration with many basic neuroscience laboratories within the Institute. Answering clinical questions through basic research and using the results to improve clinical medicine, is precisely what Professor Nakata envisioned when he founded the Brain Research Institute. It is our obligation to carry on this spirit, and all staff is dedicated in discovering new insight into neurosurgical practice. The main research areas we are currently investigating include: (1) developing new treatment methods including manipulation autophagy and targeting of glioma stem cells to eradicate the deadly disease malignant glioma, (2) developing assistive surgical technology to enable accurate simulation for complex neurosurgery cases and education of young neurosurgeons, (3) collaboration with Nishi-Niigata Chuo National Hospital to elucidate the complex pathophysiology of epilepsy.

Prof. Yukihiko FUJII
Assoc. Prof. Makoto OISHI
Assist. Prof. Tetsuya HIRAISHI
Assist. Prof. Manabu NATSUMEDA
Lecturer Hitoshi HASEGAWA
Assist. Prof. Masakazu SANO
Assist. Prof. Masayasu OKADA
Assist. Prof. Tomoaki SUZUKI
Assist. Prof. Yoshihiro TSUKAMOTO
Specially Appointed Prof. Yuichiro YONEOKA
Specially Appointed Prof. Junichi YOSHIMURA
Specially Appointed Assist. Prof. Shoji SAITO

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