Basic Neuroscience Branch
Department of Cellular Neuropathology

Our goal is to understand the physiology and pathophysiology of the brain at the cellular and molecular levels. We established "SLENDR", a technique based on in vivo genome editing, to image endogenous proteins with high specificity, resolution and contrast in single cells in mammalian brain tissue (Cell, 2016). In addition, we recently developed "vSLENDR", a genome editing method to target virtually any cell-types, areas and ages across the brain, widely expanding the applicability of genome engineering technologies in the broad field of neuroscience (Neuron, 2017). Using "SLENDR" and "vSLENDR", we will explore the cellular and molecular mechanism underlying long-lasting memory, and further investigate how the mechanism is impaired in memory disorders to provide new therapeutic strategies.

Prof. Takayasu MIKUNI
Assoc. Prof. Motokazu UCHIGASHIMA
Assist. Prof. Hitoshi UCHIDA
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