Global Partnerships

BRI International Symposium

Every year, BRI hosts an international symposium with the lectures by distinguished researchers across the world and Japan along with the poster presentation, allowing speakers and poster presenters to showcase their research.


Past BRI International Symposia

Global Collaborative Research

BRI calls for research proposals on a yearly basis and carries out collaborative research projects with overseas institutions.


List of GCR projects and how to apply

International Research Cooperation Agreement / MOU

BRI signs agreements and MOUs with renowned research institutions in China, Korea and Russia to stimulate research collaborations and exchanges of research personnel. 2019.Agreement_1_.jpg


BRI welcomes international visitors to present BRI research and give tours of the facility and the institute's scientific resources. 2019.Inspection_1_.jpg

Niigata Society for Brain and Neuroscience Research

Started in 1938, the Niigata Society for Brain and Neuroscience Research hosts the meetings and invites a number of distinguished scientists across the world to give talks on their state-of-the-art research on neuroscience. 2019.Seminar_1_.jpg

Call for Applicants for BRI Scholarship

BRI is pleased to offer a scholarship to outstanding international students who commit to obtaining a graduate degree at the institute.

For details of the BRI graduate scholarship program

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