Center for Bioresource-based Researches/Bioresource Science Branch
Department of Bioinformatics

Based on an idea that the disease arises from the various mixed the conditions of genome structure and environmental factors,we attempt to describe to describe the disease through phenotype-genotype analyses.We perform the research project to find a gene susceptible to AIzheimer disease by genome wide search with microsatellite markers.We identify the disease-related gene in the candidate locus by using more dense markers and SNP information.Each sample is labeled with the anonymous ID number and separated from personal information under"Guideline".

Polymorphism data obtained from over one million reactions are statistically analyzed.We are going to support the construction of the phenotype-genotype databank and its use for basic research,personal medication and a drug design.Our big purpose is to create a new biology through a huge number of phenotype-genotype information that has not been avaliable before.

Prof. Takeshi IKEUCHI

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